6 Weeks, 1 Day

Well I’m sitting here with nausea, sore breasts, pimples, on/off heartburn, occasional headaches, dry skin and frequent urination. I’m over-emotional, keep forgetting things and seem forever tired. & I couldn’t be happier.

I’m pregnant.

On the 11th of April (the day before my husbands’ birthday) I took a pregnancy test that was a faint positive. I was 9-ish DPO. After a missed miscarriage in October 2008 and half a year of negative tests despite constant OPKs, pre-natal vitamins, BBT, CM observation and prayers… finally, that second line.

Cue the tentative but very enthusiastic happy dance, the smiles through tears, the “I can’t believe it”’s and the hugs.

We’ve barely told anyone IRL. My Mum and sister know, my boss knows and some relatives on my side of the family.

Two days later the word “pregnant” appeared on a digital test and I saw my husbands eyes light up and I knew he believed it then.

We had beta HCG bloods done on to ensure our levels were doubling appropriately. They went from a very healthy 290 to 725 in less than 48 hours. It was so reassuring.

Since then my symptoms have increased and I’ve been recording how I feel in a written journal.

I get scared sometimes. I see people I know miscarrying more than once and worry that this precious baby will be taken away from me. We so want this baby. You have no idea..

I try to be positive most of the time. It generally works. I’m only truly scared of our 12 week scan. We found out at 13.5 weeks last time that we had lost our bub so I think that’s all I know, you know?

We’re due Christmas Eve THIS YEAR. I am positively overwhelmed with happiness! This is our time! I can’t wait for the scans, the flutters, the kicks, the waddling, the ever-expanding bump, the stretchies, the labour, the birth and the pooping, screaming little baby that I’m growing RIGHT NOW.

I have our first early scan this Tuesday (at 6 weeks, 5 days) so I’ll update after then!

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