6 Weeks, 5 Days

Well my first scan was this afternoon. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I went in and explained that scans scare me because of my previous miscarriage which the tech (trainee) was really empathetic of.

So I was lying there while she was trying to find the baby and it seemed like ages. My sister looked worried and the tech looked concerned. She said “I would say you’re more like 4 or 5 weeks measurement. I cannot see a baby”

So I lost it. I cried and told her to hurry up and let me get the hell out of there.

Minutes passed and then I looked at the screen as she said “Actually, it looks as though you are 5 or 6 weeks”… then I saw it. I saw my baby and I saw a heartbeat! As soon as I saw a heartbeat I knew I’d have to be over 6 weeks and I started feeling a bit better.

The techs supervisor (rude bitch) came in and upset me further with questions and accusations. I was already hyper-emotional so I told her to stop talking. So Rachel, LOL.

Snugglems little was heart pumping at 120 bpm and everything averaged out to around 6 weeks 2 days which is alright. I had been going by the earliest time I could have ovulated (the day I got my positive OPK at night).. and a couple of days is only mm difference in growth. I know I can’t be all that more earlier because of how early I got a positive and my HCG results.

So I’m scared (honestly, I freaked and questioned everything in those few minutes.. it was awful) but happy. To be honest it was an awful first time to see my baby.. but I just have to hold onto the positive and hope that my next scan is more reassuring. I’m going to book a scan (somewhere else) for two weeks time and get some bloods done in the meantime.

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