7 Weeks, 5 Days

Today was the best day I’ve had since finding out we are pregnant. I’ve never EVER had a scan where all was perfect (measurements, heartbeat, etc) and today…

Everything is so perfect! Little Snugglems is measuring spot on 7 weeks 5 days (due Christmas Eve) and has a healthy little heart pumping away at 146 BPM. Such a huge difference from a week ago!

I do have a small hemorrhage but it ‘isn’t something to worry about’ (I just have to take it easy). But WOW! Bubs was more baby-looking with little legs and arms, wriggling about.

So not only is everything with the bubs alright but I know why I’ve been cramping/spotting. The people were so lovely and the facilities were so great. It was just honestly the only time I’ve ever felt good about a scan and it was at a time where I was so fearful of it being difficult news.

The cramping is scary sometimes but it’s a good reminder to take it easy. The doctor said that bleeding isn’t uncommon (up to 30% of pregnancies) and that the bleed is small and will hopefully shrink quickly.

We’re so blessed! We’re having a little baby! I’m so over-the-moon.

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