9 Weeks, 1 Day

I’ve booked an appointment for next Tuesday morning at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at the hospital. I’ve had more cramping and I really need the reassurance. I have had a small amount of spotting. When I went to my GP though she did an internal that showed that my cervix is tightly closed and there wasn’t any blood so I think it’s just the hemorrhage.

Either way, I just want to see that our little Snugglems is good. Snugglems will be 9 Weeks and 5 days on Tuesday which is around the size that Ollie was when he passed away so it’s brought up a fair amount of anxiety.

Today I’m having the day off on account of the fact that I hardly slept due to the cramps, my worrying and a couple of nightmares. I haven’t been nauseous and my breasts are less tender so I keep worrying even though I know I shouldn’t. It’s in my nature.

Nothing much to update you with otherwise. I’ll update after the scan.

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