9 Weeks, 5 Days

The scan was beautiful today. Snugglems was dancing away (constantly!). They didn’t get measurements or anything because it was just an old portable machine but all I needed to see was that perfect little heart beat and the wriggling was a huge bonus.

I’ve told most people now and I’m going to do a video blog. I feel so happy and just so blessed. I’m almost 1/4 of the way through this pregnancy already! When I say it like that I realise I need to enjoy every moment and appreciate this sweet bub for the miracle that it is!

Symptoms still going strong. Still have so much cramping though which is why I was scared.. now I’m just learning to accept it as part of the deal. I really feel more at ease now and am actually looking forward to our 12 week (NT) scan in a fortnights time! Mike will be there and get to see Snugglems and hopefully all will be perfect and we’ll get great images. I’m just so so happy 😀

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