12 Week Scan!

Our scan went perfectly! We were so nervous at first and I was shaking as I got up on the bed. The sonographer was lovely and went straight for Snugglems heart which was pumping away happily at 164 BPM! wub.gif Bubs was wriggling around a lot and we got some beautiful pictures.

I sobbed and sobbed, I couldn’t get over how happy my husband was and still is! Snugglems is actually measuring a couple of days ahead. We also got to see baby in 3D which was amazing… bubs looked like they were dancing wub.gif I can’t believe how lucky we are and how perfect our baby is!!!

My placenta looks great and is posterior. All measurements were good. The amniotic fluid was good as well. Snugglems was crossing his/her legs at the ankles happy.gif tongue.gif The sonographer actually said she could predict the gender with 80% accuracy so we thought, why not?! So we may know the gender already. I’m waiting for the 18-20 week scan though. We won’t be telling anyone until much later.

We’re just so ecstatic. Thank you all for your support wub.gif

Here’s some pictures!!! wub.gif









& my 12 week belly bump:


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