12 Weeks, 6 Days

I had my first antenatal appointment yesterday. It was all mostly questions about my medical history so it’s not that exciting really. The midwife was really nice and we got along super well. We didn’t use the doppler as she said she prefers to wait until after 14 weeks. I really didn’t mind.

I cried a bit waiting for the appointment as it hit me that it’s all really happening. I looked outside and all of a sudden there were tears and I was thinking “I’m truly a pregnant woman… waiting for a midwife at a hospital… who is technically in her second trimester going by my last scan… who is going to have a baby this year”.

I got a bit emotional talking about my previous pregnancy and explaining what happened but both the midwife and the student midwife were lovely. I’ve opted for primarily midwife care throughout the pregnancy so as long as I continue to be healthy and bubs is fine I’ll only see my Obs once or twice prior to birth!

The student midwife who attended my first appointment is going to be following my journey and coming to every appointment from now on. It’ll be really lovely to have a young, familiar face at each visit. She was really happy to be involved and it means I get an extra support person which I think is great!

I’m still getting nausea on and off and food aversions. I bought a pregnancy magazine and all it did was make me feel guilty for my not-too-great diet (I eat well… but not enough on account of the nausea) and made me want to buy maternity dresses. Stupid magazine. 😛

A friend of the family has given me 8 maternity tops (summery ones) and 2 pairs of maternity pants which is awesome!

I’ve started taking 45 minute walks daily with my Mum and her puppy. We walk around the lakes twice in our area and it’s really nice. Gets my heartrate up a bit and my muscles all tingly. I bought a pregnancy yoga DVD as well which is suitable from week 14 onwards which I’ll start in a few weeks every few nights. I really enjoy yoga.

My sweet youngest cat (Patchamuckins AKA Patch/Patchichi/Patchini) has been missing for over a week. We’ve found it really hard. Especially watching our two other cats act more protective/upset/different. They are our fur babies 😦 But I’m trying my hardest not to let myself get stressed or upset because I know that I can’t change anything and it’s not good for me at this point.

My mum has booked flights for my grandparents for this Christmas!!! They’ll get to meet my little niece and our Snugglems!!! I’m really looking forward to seeing them and getting to have family close by in the early days after bubs is born. It’ll be a really beautiful time!

I’m really really happy.

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