14 Weeks

Well I have had a nice week. I have had a fair amount of stretchy growy pains in my womb as it is growing a bit. I can definitely feel my womb above my pelvic bone. In fact, it’s just above my panty line and I was suprised to feel how wide it is.

I’ve been really exhausted lately and the heartburn is persistent. Some friends recommended the berry and orange flavoured chewy quickeze and I haven’t looked back – they’re great! I’ve been getting on and off headaches, citrus fruit cravings (I’ve went through a fair amount of oranges and mandarins.. and pineapple juice too) and have wanted fish. I’m only craving pretty healthy food so it’s nice.

Mike decided he needed vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping last night at 7 PM 😛 I said “are you getting pregnancy cravings babe?” teasing him. I thought I was the one who is meant to demand foods. Hehehe.

I’m loving the fact that my belly has taken on a distinctive ‘I’m-carrying-a-baby’ look. I have a tiny bump, all out in front. My belly button has even came to the front more. My husband has taken to proclaiming “You’re so adorable!” then playing with my belly and deciding I need bio oil again (as this is his job) but I think it’s just an excuse to touch my belly and grin.

Also… in lovely news I’ve been feeling flutters over the past days! 😀 They’re light but distinctive (feels like a fish swimming up against the front of my womb) and definitely in my womb. I am very in tune with my body and couldn’t believe I could distinguish the movement! It is really truly beyond lovely.

I still have sore and tender breasts, am getting an aching back frequently and have pigmentation spots on my upper belly (four spots). I also have a faint linea nigra from my pelvis all the way up to my boobs. My skin is settling down (I got really bad acne in the first trimester) and my appetite is slowly returning.

Crown to rump Snugglems is around 9 cms long and weighs over 40 grams. In this week bubs body starts growing faster than his/her head. Some descriptions say that bubby can grasp, squint, frown, grimace and may even be able to suck its thumb.

I’m really impatient and can’t wait to see bubs again on a scan. We’ve started telling some people what the sonographer said the gender of our bub is (within 80%ish accuracy – genital nub theory) which is exciting. We already have names for both genders but are not sharing 😀

Not a lot is happening in the next week but I’ll update this time next week anyway and hopefully something exciting will happen 😛

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