15 Weeks, 4 Days

This week hasn’t been awfully eventful. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow which I might do another post for if much happens but otherwise I’ll just do this general update!

We’ve started telling people the gender that our sonographer thought bubs is. I’ll announce it after the 18 week scan because I can’t keep it in!

I’ve been getting really exhausted but somehow still managing to go for walks every other day and doing yoga almost every night. I really enjoy it which makes it easy to maintain.

I’m really enjoying the fact that I can feel bubs daily now! I can no longer classify it as ‘flutters’ and would say that the movements are more like nudges and sometimes a rolling sensation. It’s the most beautiful thing and I feel much more reassured now that it is obvious that it is bubs and not possibly something else.

I have been eating a lot more. I’m craving fruit and vege so it’s really nice. I’m especially craving oranges, pineapple, and granny smith apples. Anything with a bit of tang and sweetness. I can’t stand anything too sweet or fatty though.

I have been taking care of my nephew Jayka quite often as my sister is close to having her second baby and has been moving home and so on. He’s so adorable! I am really lucky that my sister will be having my niece any day now which will help my clucky vibes whilst I’m baking my own little one 😛

The 3rd of July was exactly one year since I had my BFP with Ollie. It’s just amazing where we are now in comparison. I couldn’t help but get reflective.

I had my first stranger look at my belly and smile at me the other night when I was out for dinner with Mike’s family. It was awesome. I’m loving my bump.

I decided this week that pregnancy involves women becoming more infant-like.. sleep, food and going to the toilet is required frequently.. you cry often, find it hard to be comfortable, hate being alone, need people to get things for you and people think you’re cute.

Here’s an old pic of my belly at 14 weeks and 6 days:


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