17 Weeks, 1 Day

Well, I went to that GP appointment and all is well. Blood pressure is normal. I haven’t gained a single gram which was surprising. My doctor was happy with everything though. She measured the height of my fundus and it was spot on. I didn’t know they could do that this early.

She didn’t want to do the doppler because it’s temperamental and she didn’t want to give me any unnecessary anxiety. But I’d felt the baby while waiting for her so I said “let’s just have a play with it” and within less than a minute there was our little bubbas heart pumping away fast
and strong . It was really lovely. Even though I feel movement already, hearing the heartbeat is always so special. I’m hoping to buy a home doppler any min. now.

I did my bazzillionth wee test and it came up with a really tiny amount of cells that could indicate infection so she’s sent that off. My doctor said that she’d never worry about that amount in a non-pregnant woman but wanted to do it ‘just in case’.

I had a tiny amount of spotting over the week which was really weird. I must admit that I freaked out even though it was only the smallest of streaks through my mucous. I think it was just from picking up my not-so-light nephew when he was throwing a tantrum yesterday. Thankfully bubs has been giving me lots of reassuring nudges and I haven’t had any issue since. I just took it easy for the afternoon.

I’m finding it so hard getting so tired and trying to time my sleeps so that I don’t oversleep. For example, I can easily sleep for 11.5 hours if I go to bed too early (like I did on the weekend) and yesterday I had a nap to try and remedy this (from 4 to 5:30) but was tired again by 9 which meant I still slept for 9 hours last night. I should enjoy it while I have the chance, I know! But it’s making me feel off throughout the day. It’s getting easier as I get further into the 2nd trimester.

Nausea came back and for the past few days I’ve had on/off nausea all day and sometimes night. It was worse when I hadn’t eaten. But I haven’t had any nausea for a week now.

On July 11th I felt the bub KICK. Not a nudge… or a roll… or a flutter. & ever since I’ve been feeling more movement daily. Mike also felt bub kick from the outside on the 14th of July. An ice-block may have been used to make bubby move for him. I think bubs is like his/her Mummy and doesn’t like the cold!

I’ve booked my 20 week scan. The time is going so fast! So, in 3 weeks time I’ll be able to tell you Snugglems’ sex and have some more pictures to share!

I can feel my womb is higher than I imagined. It’s only a couple of cms from my belly button! Speaking of my belly button, it’s started to poke out at the top!

We’ve recently purchased the pram and bassinet for the pram. We’re looking for bargains on the cot and a glider before I take a WIP nursery picture to share!

Here’s a bare belly bump shot from earlier on in the week:

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