18 Weeks, 6 Days

Well, you may notice that I am late in updating this blog and that’s because I’ve been taking care of my nephew for the past few days. Why, you ask? Because my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 26th of July at 2:58 PM. Her name is Jolee Diane and she was 8 pounds, 1 ounce and she was 54 cms long. She looks just like her Mummy and is super cute! Cluck cluck cluck…

Seeing Mike holding Jolee reminds me of when he first held Jayka (Jolee’s older brother, our little nephew). I remember him whispering to me “so when did we agree we would start trying for a baby?”. Mike is so ready to be a Daddy and promptly told Snugglems to hurry up! LOL

Anyway, after I wrote that last blog I had an incident with some *blergh, don’t even want to type it* salsa and sour cream with nachos *blergh* and bubby HATED IT. So I was in a world of pain vomiting everywhere… salsa and sour cream in your nose isn’t fun. Thankfully that was the worst of it and after a shower, a tidy up and some fruit I was watching Family Guy eps in no time and drifting off to sleep.

We’re slowly starting to buy the bigger items that we need for bubs. We got a great deal on a pram and bassinet for the pram. We’re on the hunt for deals on the cot we want *fingers crossed*. I’ve suddenly (over the past couple of weeks) decided that I need EVERYTHING for the baby NOW and am constantly researching more products and prices. Someone save me from my obsession!

I had my booking-in Ob appointment on the 21st of July. The midwives warned me that the Ob will want to know all the details surrounding my last pregnancy & miscarriage. So I was a bit scared thinking I wouldn’t be able to hold it together to explain something that is anything but clinical to me.

But, my Ob appointment went really well. It was quick and easy. I had an Ob who also saw me at the EPAU at 10 weeks when I’d had another bleed and some cramping so she was happy to see me now and already knew my history which made things really easy. It’s nice to see the words “low risk” on my pregnancy record.

She used the doppler and bubs heartbeat was 145 BPM so really good! They booked in all my midwife appointments up til the beginning of November. It feels like a lifetime away.

It’s not too long until my mid-way morphology scan! I cannot wait! I hope everything is perfect with bubs, the worry doesn’t go away!!!

Newest awesome thing: when I lay down now and suck in a little bit you can really clearly see where my womb is. My womb is pretty much up to my belly button now and I SAW my first kick in the bath last night.

I had a big teary last night when I was in the bath and feeling bubs kick me. Every once and a while it truly hits me on this other level that I’m pregnant. I’m a Mummy to be. I’m growing my husband (the love of my life!) and my baby. That little baby is moving around inside me. It just overwhelms me with happiness and awe.

I am so blessed.

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