19 Weeks, 6 Days

Last night bubby kicked Mike’s face amongst one of his frequent kissy-pokey-cuddly times with my belly. It was so cute. Hubby talks to Snugglems and sometimes bubs responds! Ahh, you can’t help but melt!!!

I may have a load of sites up looking at baby clothing (Eep!) I went through the clothes that I already have (unisex and both genders… I figure I’ll probably have one of each gender eventually – we want four children by the way) and realised I have a fair amount… Thankfully hubby is SO ADORABLE and wants so badly to buy a lot more clothing, etc once we know the gender for sure.

Speaking of how adorable my husband is – he is getting CLUCKIER and CLUCKIER. Is anyone else’s hubby like this? Mike is constantly coming home telling me about a baby he saw or a new toy or something he’s been thinking about regarding bubby. It’s just so lovely!

We went out last night because I won’t see him much this week (Mike’s at night study for the next few nights – he does this two nights a week until November – & busy helping his parents move for the rest of this week) & he bought me a maternity bra (I only had one… and it broke! Stupid thing!) and another new maternity top from PP on sale.

We went and picked up our cot last Sunday. Hubby and I have set up our nursery mostly (we still need the glider, to get a changer top (the soft part) and some pictures/decor)… oh and nappies (we’re using cloth) and a car seat.

But have the cot (3-in-1 Boori Sleigh in white), change table (Boori 2-Drawer Changer in white), basinette/rocker (Boori Matilda in white) and the pram (Steelcraft Strider 3) alongside the mobile, height chart, cushion and nappy stacker (all Mamas & Papas Poppy & Mustard), sheets sets, a couple of toys, books, quite a lot of clothes (both genders), etc.

I wish I was creative and could make some lovely things! I’m addicted to etsy and have quite a few ‘touches’ for the nursery that I’ll purchase from there – because I’m not creative in the slightest when it comes to sewing, etc.

I am STILL on a I-just-set-up-my-nursery high. I’m giggly and am searching the net for more more MORE! I’m loving wooden toys at the moment. After our scan (not tomorrow but the next day!!!) I’ll post not only nursery pics but some pics of decor, toys and books that I want for bub!

Until then, here’s some belly pics:


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