20 Weeks, 2 Days

Our 20 week morphology scan was the most beautiful thing! I can barely hold the words in my mouth – we have a beautiful baby BOY!!!

Snugglems wasn’t all that cooperative for the poor sonographer but we managed to get some cute images despite his insistence that his head should be in my belly button and he should face the wrong way for us to easily see the four chambers of his heart and so forth.

The most amazing moment was seeing him kick whilst feeling him kick simultaneously. It was just so moving and made it all feel so real and I feel even more connected to him than ever. I didn’t think we could get more smitten with our sweetheart but we sure are!

My Mum and of course my hubby were both there and we all marvelled over his brain, his heart pumping away and the images of the deoxygenated and oxygenated blood flowing through his heart, his kidneys, bladder, stomach and of course his adorable hands and feet!

He kept putting his hands in fists and quite often had his hands up near his face (same as at 12 weeks). He has the cutest button nose and pouty lips! Everything was measuring spot on and was doing the right thing. It was such a relief and so amazing!

There’s no mistaking that he’s a little boy! It was so awesome seeing Mike’s face when it was confirmed and knowing is really made a difference the reality of this bub! The more I know about this little person, the more fiercely protective I feel and the more love I feel for him. I simply cannot wait to hold him!!!

Newest symptoms include more pigmentation spots on my belly, a stronger linea nigra and shortness of breath. His kicks are getting stronger & easier to see and feel. He moves most at night but is still active all throughout the day, particularly around meal times.

I wake up a fair amount throughout the night and sometimes he’s awake too. I feel like we’re this little team and it’s amazing to think that Mike and I made this beautiful baby who kicks away at me and responds to our touch and voices sometimes.

Now for some photos of our nursery thus far and of our son!

Our height chart (Mamas & Papas – Poppy & Mustard)

Our pram with basinette (Steelcraft, Strider 3)

Our cot set up for fun (Boori 3-in-1 Sleight cot)

Close up of the cot with mobile (Mamas & Papas – Poppy & Mustard mobile and toy)

Our change table (Boori 2-Drawer Changer and Mamas & Papas – Poppy & Mustard nappy stacker)

Our basinette (Boori Matilda rocker)

Our cute little soccer ball lamp

Snugglems – kind of looks like he’s picking his nose (LOL)

3D picture of bubs face ❤

Look at that pout! How beautiful is he?

Our shy boy – enough photos already Mummy!

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