21 Weeks

I now want a Poang chair for my nursing chair so I’ve been searching ebay for one (I want a black one which hubby will paint the wood white). I found one but some meany outbid me at the last second (LITERALLY) and me – being my emotional pregnant self – burst into tears!

I’ve started getting Braxton Hicks contractions! I’m so excited whenever I notice one! My whole womb goes so hard and obvious!

Today I had my hair cut and got a pedicure ^_^ Hubby said to go and get the money back from medicare and spend it on myself (Don’t mind if I doooo!)

My skin is a medley of different symptoms now. I now have countless pigmentation spots on my belly, I get dry skin so easily, I have eczema patches in odd places (on the top of my foot? I mean really!), I have new stretch marks on my breasts but no where else new and I have a stronger linea nigra now.

My belly button is slowly making it’s way out! It looks so funny!

At the scan I found out that my placenta has moved up a little and is now on the back wall but up higher right near the top (fundus). My womb is now at the top of my belly button.

I still get reflux really frequently (hubby has been too – sympathy pregnancy symptoms???) and wake up to pee a couple of times a night and find that Snugglems is awake. I’ve been having lots of vivid dreams and had my first breast feeding dream.. I can’t wait to breastfeed!

I wake bubby up with my loud sneezes! Hehehe! He kicks away.

I have to go to the doctor to officially go through my scan results, get a new blood test (I needed repeats for a prior one) and check up on everything. My next midwife appointment is in 2.5 weeks.

I’ve finally started putting on weight! If I consider my starting weight to be the weight I was at 10 weeks (where I had put some of the weight back that I’d lost but not all) then I’m spot on for weight gain according to this website where they average out what you should put on at each stage of the pregnancy. I’m just happy that my appetite is back in a big way!

I have a bridal shower this weekend which should be fun! Speaking of showers – my best friend and I have started planning mine!!! We’re going with a high tea. It’s still AGES away (I’m planning for mid-November) but my friend and I are too excited! We’re even testing some recipes and flavours of things now and are going to a place near where she lives that does high teas (for ideas… but mostly because it’s a great excuse – LOL). I’ve brought a beautiful white lace table cloth for it and have started a guest list already.

I’ve been cleaning a lot. I don’t think that it’s ‘nesting’ so much as me finally having energy back. I’m also doing the yoga again and walking daily.

Leave me a comment – I love to see who is reading, why and what you think 🙂

Here’s a 21 week picture for you 🙂



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