23 Weeks!

Well my sleeping has still been shocking on/off. I’m waiting until my midwife appointment in a few days to work out what will work for me for reflux. I wake up all through the night to bubby kicking, me needing to go to the toilet and HUNGER. I’m always hungry lately and I am making up for my lack of weight gain in the first 18 weeks!

Last Friday night Mike and I went into the city for fun and I went and measured and picked up some stretch fabric in the dimensions of a hug-a-bub ($30 for two instead of $90 for a hug-a-bub) so we’ve been practicing with a teddy and then I tried it with my niece and it’s really great. I think it’ll only be good for when he’s young.

Mike and I went and picked up the cradle swing the other day then went on an impromptu shopping spree for baby! We found ourselves at Babies Galore and before we knew it we had a car seat (Safe n Sound – Meridian AHR in gray), a baby bath (Bambino – Comfi-bath which slots into the top of a normal bath), a Boori-size inner-spring mattress, some mattress protectors and a change table pad with a soft chocolate cover. & just now we’ve bought a Poang in birch that we’re going to paint (the wood) black to tie in with our soccer ball side-theme.

So… we only have nappies and extras (baskets, liners, cushions, rug, photos) to go!

I’ve also went out and lay-buyed some gorgeous baby shower necessities – a tea set and serving tiers.

Our car broke down the other day! So in 30 degree heat we sat in the sun with a steaming car. Our air con finally went blah and took the power steering with it. We were on our way to refinance our loan and broke down in front of a Toyota car dealer! LOL! Talk about a sign! We’ve been talking about upgrading our car at the end of the year and getting a Camry… Well we took it as a sign and will be refinancing but for a different reason now! LOL So hopefully we’ll have a new car (used, but new to us!) in a few weeks.

Hubby and I got went out to a (free tickets – woohoo) Roar game the other day with my friend. Bubby kicked all through the first half, slept at half time then woke up for the last half an hour. I think he loved hearing the crowd (especially his Daddy) and was practicing! It was heaps of fun (my first time)!

Well Tuesday was spent in the childrens emergency department at the hospital. My beautiful little 4 week old niece had a hernia in her groin that required surgery. I was so worried for her. My little sweetheart! She ended up needing surgery on both sides as the other side had muscle weakness as well. One of her ovaries was poking through which was alarming but it appears that it wasn’t damaged. So now she’s home, healing and resting. I’m so glad she’s OK.

Far out it is getting hot here! (in Brisbane) I’ve been on my feet and rushing round over the past couple of days so I’ve actually got fluid retention already! Gee! I have started to drink more water and am hoping to start up my antenatal yoga properly!

I have a Midwife appointment in a few days so I’ll hopefully have some interesting things to update you on. Until then, check out my latest video blogs (www.youtube.com/Racheous) for more of what I’m up to!

Here I am at 23 weeks:

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