24 Weeks, 2 Days :D

I’m loving pregnancy. There’s no two ways about it. I love waking up throughout the night and feeling my son kicking around. Seeing Mike’s face light up when he feels or sees a big kick will never fail to make my heart melt. I love hearing my nephew say Snugglems’ name and point to my belly button. I love feeling and watching my belly stretch and grow week by week. The ways my body is changing is beautiful! I love talking to my son and imagining what he will look and sound like.

This week I had a bout of food poisoning and was vomiting, felt faint and had constant diarrhoea for four days. Fun!

My midwife appointment went really well. Bubs is measuring spot on. He kicked the doppler and swam away from it before proceeding to get the hiccups for ages (so funny!) My blood pressure and weight is all good.

I have to go for my glucose tolerance test in three weeks time and I start my antenatal classes at the hospital with hubby in a few weeks time too! I feel like it’s far too early but am really excited as well. The classes go for 6 weeks and last 3.5 hours each.

I’m feeling a fair amount bigger and feeling the ‘weight’ of pregnancy now. Sleeping is harder due to positioning (he loves to lay on the side that I lay on and make it uncomfortable as he wriggles around on my side!) although I’m yet to feel achey.

I need to pee all the time and it’s making my husband laugh! Snugglems will lay on my bladder and I’ll have to run to the loo! My heartburn is much better.

Snugglems is a real mover! He’s very active and wakes up every few hours. Usually around 7 AM then 10 AM then 1:30 PM then 5 PM then 8:30 PM and 11 PM. He’s usually awake for 25 – 55 minutes. The kicks are stronger and the rolls are more pronounced. I love feeling him kick my womb down low and it makes his head hit the top on a diagonal – so cute and silly!

Here I am at 24 weeks 🙂



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