25 Weeks, 4 Days

Hi! Well I’ve realised how terribly non-creative my blogs are and how much more of a ‘following’ I have for my video blogs. I intend to get more creative with my video blogs but this blog is very much more of a ‘journal’ – so I apologise!

That aside, this week has been bitter sweet. As we reach the year milestone since we found out that our first baby had died (15th September 2008) and when I birthed him (5th October 2008 – the day after our wedding) – we begin to realise how tremendously far we’ve came as a couple, as people and as parents.

I’ve been busy at the Brisbane Bridal Expo all weekend (helping out my wedding photographer Mark from Swish Photography www.swishphotography.com.au) which is why I haven’t updated sooner.

We’ve bought a new car. A gold Toyota Camry Sportivo 🙂 We’re pretty stoked.

All the wedding gowns and wedding-y-atmosphere (the technical term) made me want to have another wedding (with the same groom of course!). However, the ‘tease’ lingerie parade was DEPRESSING. Size 4, 6 ft tall, beautiful women in tiny tiny sexy lingerie. I audibly sighed and walked back to our stand – no pregnant woman need be subjected to that!

Snugglems is doing great. He’s had the hiccups 3 times in the past 24 hours. It’s adorable! You can see my whole belly doing jumps. He must be practicing breathing and really enjoying that amniotic fluid!

Hmmm, so I’m not craving anything other than fresh fruit and some vege but my chocolate consumption has increased over the past few days *continues knawing on a row of caramello chocolate*

I had another issue with a food aversion (fish) so there was more vomiting this week – eek! Hopefully that’s the worst of the nausea gone. I thought I was meant to get this in the first trimester but there was none then and a tally of four in this trimester.

Speaking of trimesters I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going! I’m 25.5 weeks and some books say that the THIRD trimester starts at week 27 (incl. ‘Up The Duff’) EEK! Tomorrow marks 100 days until my due date… AUGH!

I’ve started getting colostrum and my nipples do crazy things sometimes and go lumpy. There’s some ‘TMI’.

The fatigue appears to have returned in a really frustrating way – although it may merely be that I’ve been more busy… Sleep is getting harder on account of the heavy belly with a cheeky baby in it who finds it hilarious to tickle the side I’m laying on with kicks. I use the pregnancy pillow most of the time now.

OK, so I have totally blanked and don’t remember anything else of importance so I’ll leave you with a picture…

25 weeks:


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