26 Weeks, 4 Days

Well I held off on this blog update until now as tonight was our first antenatal class (woohoo!).

This class was physiotherapy-based and all about the changes in the body with pregnancy and how to manage them. It was really great! Mike and I loved being around other expecting couples, all knowingly speaking about the things that are now the norm for us (from ‘pregnancy brain’ to pelvic pain)

We got involved in all the demos and I was thoroughly chuffed at how everyone giggled at my jokes. We watched a video on various ways to minimise pain and discomfort throughout daily tasks and it was a new up-to-date one! No creepy moustache-sporting, mustard-t-shirt-wearing men with their crazed-looking wives doing demos.

Noteworthy lessons I learnt:
– I have the really early stages (and a really high risk of*) diastasis recti (AKA abdominal wall separation) BUT I can prevent it from getting really shonky & it can be fixed!
– Out of the 12 pregnancy women I was the earliest gestation yet had one of the largest bellies.
– No one else could relate to what I describe as feeling like a dragon breathing at night (reflux issues)
– I should never forget to breath while doing exercises (I choked on my drink of water when they said this on the video)
– I should use a plastic bag on the car seat as a pivoting point to turn my body into/out of the car.
– Your pelvic floor is in fact a series of muscles including some surrounding the spine and lower abdomen which all engage at the same time.
– Men should do pelvic floor exercises (one way to teach them to engage the pelvic floor is to tell them to imagine that they’re a young boy again, trying to pee up a wall)

Symptoms wise it’s all much of the same. Snugglems has really frequent (and super adorable) hiccups and really strong movements now. My pelvis and spine have started to ache sometimes. My skin has got a lot clearer (both in terms of acne and eczema) and the weight gain continues!

I have my glucose tolerance test later on this week at the hospital (YAY for me) and my next midwife appointment is next Monday (as well as our next antenatal class – they run for 6 weeks at 3 hours a session).

I’ve still been planning our baby shower with Silv in a big way! The design for the invitations has been decided upon (I SO owe it to my old boss and friend who is a graphic designer who is doing them for me), the tea set has been purchased (as has various other items from a table cloth to serving dishes) and a menu has been set! Silv and I taste tested a variety of cupcakes (oh the things I have to do :P) and are in the process of deciding on colours, flavours, designs, etc. I’ve picked out a dress but am not in the financial position to purchase it (oh I hope we are and it doesn’t sell out!)

If you’re wondering why my baby shower is such a hooplah and a big deal to me it’s not (just) because I’m crazy or adore pregnancy and my baby boy but because I’ve never had any celebration like this. I never have big birthday parties and never had an engagement party… and couldn’t have a bridal shower or hens as I was miscarrying at the time… So this is a big deal because I get to celebrate something so precious to me in a way I never have celebrated anything else.

Vlog to come tomorrow 🙂 – including a nursery vid in the next few days – it’s all set up! Our nursery has been getting some use! I’ve been taking care of my sisters children quite frequently lately and getting to test out all our bubba stuff 🙂

Ciao for now!

Here’s a pic from 5 days ago:


*Due to having strong abdominal muscles in the first place & my genetic predisposition to stretch marks which is an indication that my connective tissues aren’t too crash hot.

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