29 Weeks, 3 Days

Sorry! I’ve been out of action on account of having to swap over my phone provider and reconnect my internet with our new number (let’s just say Telstra suck and leave it at that)

Week 27:

I started getting a sore throat one evening and by the next morning I wasn’t feeling well at all. I had a temperature as well and spent most of the day in bed drinking water and watching True Blood season two (LOL). By Friday I was faint with a chesty cough, sore sinuses and ears and a really sore throat. I was living off panadol! I had my glucose challenge test despite all of this. I felt faint after drinking all the glucose drink and lay down in the hallway of the hospital on a padded table! The nurse bruised my arm taking the blood and I barely made it back to the car without fainting or puking.

I went to the doctors after this and laid down crying waiting for a doctor. When the doctor came he just told me to go home, continue resting, drinking water and taking panadol. Thanks doc. So I went home and tried to sleep it off but the next day I woke and kept coughing up green chunks (YAY me!) so my sister took me to my normal doctor who prescribed me anti-biotics and I got to hear Snugglems’ heartbeat. He is totally unaffected, just getting hiccups and dancing around.

So I got better quickly with the anti-biotics but it SO was not fun being sick and pregnant – especially if you’re someone who really doesn’t get infections often (I can’t remember the last time I had anything like that)

I got a whole heap of new stretch marks. I noticed one off my appendix scar one night and a couple of nights later it’d had a party and invited a few friends alongside one off my belly button. They’re small and hardly noticeable now but I know (I already have stretchmarks on the backs of my knees, my thighs, hips and breasts) that they’ll start going crazy soon.

Week 28:

I had my Midwife appointment and got my glucose control test results which were perfect. My levels were only 2.9 for those in the know. Michael got to come along (he had very little work for a few weeks there) and heard Snugglems’ heartbeat on the doppler. My fundal height was spot on and he hadn’t moved into head-down position.

Our antenatal classes have been awesome. For week 28 they were about labour & birth. We got to tour the birthing suites and I freaked some people out by asking whether I’m able to video tape the entire birth. I was very emotional in week 28 (at the antenatal class especially) because it’s been a year since my miscarriage completed & is a very special time for Michael and I (it’s our wedding anniversary as well).

We’ve started making some new friends at the classes & it’s really enjoyable!

Week 29:

I’ve decided that I want to swim and possibly do aqua aerobics classes… so stay tuned on that one. I’ve lay-buyed the cutest maternity tankini from Pumpkin Patch.

Yesterday I had a scare. I started getting a constant ache along my sides (round ligament pain) and wasn’t too phased. I took some panadol and drank some water. Then I started getting stabbing pains worse than I had earlier in the pregnancy with the haemorrhage so I promptly freaked out and called the hospital who said to come in. Thankfully it was a Saturday so Mike drove me up there (all the while I was praying and crying… it just didn’t feel right and bubs wasn’t moving)

They hooked me up to the monitors after taking my blood pressure (low – normal for me) and a urine sample (small amount of blood). Snugglems then started kicking the monitor, wriggling around and had the most perfect heartbeat. I saw an Ob who said that I most likely have torn a ligament on my right side (where the pain is) but that it’ll just be bruised and should heal up but that I may have round ligament pain from here on in. I was so relieved and grateful that that is all it is. So now I’m not allowed to do any heavy lifting (woohoo, LOL)

He moved into head down position early this morning for a few hours and it was really nice – he uses my ligaments like a hammock I think 😛 Also, it was cute to feel his kicks up really high for once.

On the baby shower front, Silv and I went to a swish high tea today for some more ideas… and really just the tea and food (awesome!). I have almost everything I need now and the invitations are being made (by a very talented, lovely friend) as we speak! I can’t wait! It’s on the 21st of November.

We have an antenatal class tomorrow (midwife run) about pain relief options (I think…) so I’ll update at 30 weeks – Oh my goodness I can’t believe I’M 30 weeks. How beautiful!!!

Here’s my week 29 picture:


***Goodness I feel like a big whinge when I read this back – I promise I’m loving every second! I love his persistent hiccups, his rolly movements, how he only responds to his Daddy’s voice (& mine) and all the belly rubs and smiles from the people around me***

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