31 Weeks, 1 Day

In short, lately I’ve been experiencing:

Physical Symptoms: tiredness, reflux, insomnia, frequent urination, on/off aching of back, pelvis, ribs, ligaments, really clear skin (I usually have acne) and sore breasts.

Psychological Symptoms: forgetfulness, snappy when tired, nesting urges, highly emotional, overwhelmed with happiness.

My midwife appointment was short and sweet: my blood pressure is normal (low), Snugglems kicked the midwife and the doppler and his heartrate was 140 bpm, and my fundal height is measuring spot on.

I’ve started taking raspberry leaf tablets (slowly increasing dosage over the weeks). I’ve still been looking into the aqua aerobics classes. I’m thinking of doing it closer to home so different.

I’m having a professional maternity photo shoot in 2-3 weeks & my baby shower is scheduled for the 21st of November (I want to be massive :P) and it is a high tea.

Bubby is head down but moved into transverse yesterday for a bit – he’s waaaay too big to do that and I threatened to poke him if he did it again Thankfully he’s back head down again poking his little bum at me

He is still super super active and we’re experiencing the alien rolls of elbows and knees as well as his characteristics sticking out of his bum making my bump look hilarious. He responds to music and his Daddy’s voice and loves the shower.

Hubby has to shave my legs for me and I make indignified noises if I have to bend down and pick up anything. I have sore ribs all the time on account of my organs being goodness-knows-where. On that note, I also find it difficult to eat normal sized meals (but I often cram them in there :P)

I’ve put on a total of 3.5 kgs thus far but I lost weight in the first trimester so it’s really around 6 kgs 🙂

This coming monday is our FINAL antenatal class! Which is all about parenting. It’ll be lovely.

Lately I’ve been failing to have a nap in the afternoon and my poor husband has been paying for it. He gets home, tired from working a full day of physical labour, to me… The Snappy Waddling One.

Honestly, my darling husband is amazing. He’s truly something else. He comes in the door (usually to a clean home but a very tired, grumpy, lonely wife) and takes care of me despite me telling him he’s doing everything wrong or yelling at him if he does something even slightly off ‘ideal’.

By the end of the average day I’m mentally exhausted as I’ve usually spent the day with minimal human contact (or if I HAVE seen someone, I’m drained from all the social activity – LOL). & I’m physically feeling the effects of being in the third trimester.

Thankfully, it’s only in the evening that I feel this negative but it just so happens to correspond to the time where my sweet hubby sees the most of me.

Thankfully this isn’t every night because I do sometimes time things better and he’ll come home to his wife passed out in bed and dinner waiting in the fridge.

Still, he often ends up making me dinner (after I protest to preparing anything beyond toast/cereal/etc) so that we eat some decent protein and vege. & he’ll end the day with a foot rub every other day while I put cream on my belly.

Yes, I’m so so blessed. This is why I need to clean in the mornings, try and resist the crazy nesting urges that have me scrubbing everything in sight and over-exerting myself and I need to nap in the early afternoon before preparing dinner.

I often think of what it will be like with a newborn and how we will cope with the sleep deprivation whilst maintaining our relationship (which is thankfully so very strong). I imagine it’ll be a whirlwind for the first couple of months but I’d like to think that we’ll cope just fine.

Sometimes I just want to meet my baby. I am currently working on the nursery and keep telling him “you should see all of these beautiful things that we’ve got for you, Snugglems” but in the same breath I love love LOVE this pregnancy & it seems like it’s all going toooo fast.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realise that – WOW, I’M pregnant. Me. I mean, really pregnant. I’ve already got one “ooh, you’re about to pop aren’t you” (no, potentially 10 weeks left, but thanks ) and I now waddle. It’s just so beautiful. I will be holding my slippery, warm, crying baby in no time ❤

Here I am a couple of days ago:


-> Vlogs to come:

– 31 week pregnancy update incl nursery (in the next few days)
– Antenatal classes review (in a week)
– Hospital bag (quick one in a couple of weeks)
– Baby shower (in a few weeks time)

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