33 Weeks, 1 Day

Well I’ve been sick (snot, blocked sinus, headaches, sore throat & more snot) and exhaaaaauuuusted. In fact, I was close to going delirious at one point. For almost a week there I didn’t manage to sleep for more than a solid 1.5 hours at a time or more than 4.5 hours in a night… It really wore me down! No real reason why… Pregnancy insomnia? Preparation? Anxiety? Stress? Being sick? Reflux? Frequent Urination? All of the above?

Either way, it was the least enjoyable week of my pregnancy. In saying that though, it was coupled with really high emotions, lots of crying and being really, truly happy. I think it was all just on another level!

My Braxton Hicks contractions are still coming really frequently, lasting longer and beginning to be painful (not just uncomfortable). The reflux is all part of the deal now and I’ve pretty much given up fighting it.

I can tell that my little cutie pie is gaining weight. His movements are still as frequent and strong but they feel so different… so much more rolls and stretches. He certainly can’t move anywhere near as much and the kicks to the ribs are SO adorable! I love watching and touching my belly as I talk or sing to him and figuring out which little bit of him is poking out.

This week I noticed one night in the bath (when trying to relax so I would sleep better) that he appeared to be breech. I could feel a distinctly round, hard shape up near my ribs and feel him kicking down low! His hiccups were all of a sudden up higher & I felt uncomfortable.

I don’t know when he turned because he makes some serious rolly polly cutie patootie movements so frequently (that can hurt!) but I decided to bring my midwife appointment forward & contacted a well known Brisbane accupuncturist who has a high success rate with turning babies head down (to get pricing information and see whether 33 weeks is a suitable time or whether I should wait).

I read up more on exercises to encourage bub to spin & did loads of them over a couple of days. Then Mike massaged some accupressure points that are meant to help. Later that night (not last night but the night before) bub moved into the most awkward position which really hurt before rolling around. It felt so weird but immediately I wondered whether he had moved head down.

So at my midwife appointment yesterday (which I waited almost 1.5 hours for) I found out the following:
– My blood pressure was 120/60
– Bubs heartrate was 144 BPM
– My fundal height was spot on 33 cm
– Snugglems is head down!!! & 4/5 above the brim (20% engaged)

So I am super stoked. Everything is perfect. I’m textbook. I’m overjoyed. I got to see his little head on the portable ultrasound machine ❤ Also, I only have two more appointments before my due date (at 35 & 38 weeks)!!!

Awww, he has hiccups right now ❤

I’m typing one-handed as I have gone and burnt my thumb badly with boiling water when making a pot of tea… The things I do for tea 😛

The baby shower is coming along awesome. Most people have RSVPed & Silv & I are well on our way to having things fully set.

I can no longer reach my legs to shave them or my toes to cut & paint them so Mum shouted me a spa pedicure & Mike’s taken to shaving my legs (I know, he’s perfect!)

I had my first dream this week regarding labour/birth. I dreamt that I had my bloody show & that I was really calm & prepared as I started getting contractions. I thought you were meant to have really scary bizaare dreams? I think it was just a matter of imagining all that I can relate to (as the only thing remotely similar to birth I have is our miscarriage where I was really calm & in control despite all)

So much needs to be organised (hospital & baby bags, all bubby’s washing, setting up the nursery, purchasing last min things, organising our room & the filing in the office, getting my licence, getting my maternity photos… AUGH the list goes on!) & I’m getting this feeling of urgency now despite potentially having another 8 weeks before he arrives.

Here I am today:


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