34 Weeks

I have a lovely little list of things that I need to get for bubs nursery, the hospital bag, etc. Mum has offered to shop with me which will be nice. The nursery is pretty much just piles of washing on top of furniture at this point… but that will be remedied in the coming days. I have far too many nesting instincts for it to stay that way!

Reaching the 34 week mark is a pretty big milestone because babies born at this stage usually do just fine. Other than a slightly longer stay at the hospital, they generally don’t experience any of the long-term health problems that prematurity can cause. It is so amazing to be at this point!

A recent description of week 34 read: “Fatigue, heartburn, nausea, frequent trips to the bathroom. It’s like the Return of the First Trimester, only much bigger and rounder and gruntier” & I concur! The nausea has reared its ugly head again but it’s not as bad as earlier on (yet?!?!)

My belly has got to the tight, fully stretched, surely-it-can’t-get-any-bigger stage (even though I know it can – and WILL!) & I’ve taken to frequently rubbing baby oil into it. Cocoa butter bugs me, bio oil is too expensive & I need something πŸ˜›

This Saturday I have my maternity photo shoot with Mark from Swish Photography which I am soooo looking forward to.

Next weekend I have my baby shower which I think is awesome timing. I’m getting my hair done the day before and I think it’ll be lovely.

Lately Mike and I have been trying to make time to enjoy our quickly fading time as just a couple! Last night we made the impromptu choice to go out to a resturant (they had 50% off mains… it was too tempting!) & it was so much fun. We were near a table with a young family of four and it really signified what a change we are approaching and what a journey we are about to embark on!

Mike isn’t keen on the wait until Snugglems arrives. This is us last night:

Him: So how long until the due date now?
Me: Six weeks πŸ™‚
Him: SIX WEEKS! That’s too long! It should be under a month!
Me: Well it’s exactly the same amount of time between now and the due date as it is between our birth suite tour and today… so that’s really not long at all is it?
Him: Actually, that’s forever. This isn’t fair.
Me: Isn’t it meant to be the ever expanding HOME to the baby that’s meant to decide that enough is enough and bubs should come out? πŸ˜›
Him: *talking to and rubbing my belly* Son, you have a month.
Me: *rolls eyes and shields belly*

I went on to explain how statistically more women with boys where it’s their first pregnancies seem to go overdue (he was not impressed). So I’m considering my due date as the earliest time that he will arrive & if he shows up earlier – awesome! But bubby will decide when it is best.

The whole concept of parenthood has sunk in more deeply with both Mike and I. Mike has started to get emotional and talks to his son way more and I’m just starting to fully comprehend what it means.

I mean, you know these things but they become more of a reality… less abstract… as you realise that NEXT MONTH we will be parents. We will have a tiny, perfect being who is totally dependent on both of us.

Bub has certainly grown this week and continues the adorable hiccups and rib-kicking exercises.

I fluctuate quite dramatically with respect to both my emotions (MOOD SWINGS!) & physicality… For example, most of the day I feel amazing, have a normal amount of energy and feel really motivated. But come 6 PM and I’m exhausted, aching all over, with swollen feet and ankles wishing that I had have sat on my bum all day πŸ˜› I’ll even refuse a foot rub because it seems like too much effort! LOL

I really can’t wait to meet him, see him, hold him in my arms… but I’m loving being this blossoming, womanly being at this point and think that he needs more baking.

Here I am today, at 34 weeks:


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