36 Weeks!

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOWN *insert me singing synth here*

28 days until my ‘due date’… A max. of 38 days until I’m holding my sweet baby boy & get to hear his cry & see his face!

Most of my dreams (yes, I’m sleeping again!) centre around children/babies now but I’m yet to have any of those scary birth-related dreams that everyone speaks of.

Lots of people I talk to ask if I’m anxious about the birth (in relation to pain) and I can honestly say no. What I fear is something going wrong that could harm my son or finding out at birth that he has a physical or mental disability. That is what I’m anxious of.

I get worried that they didn’t pick something up that could endanger his life & I just want him to be happy & healthy. I get scared that I have done something inadvertedly to endanger him. I even worry that my worrying about this means that I’m preparing myself for some kind of inevitable.

I think, all in all though, that these anxieties are normal & just pray that our little Cameron makes a safe entrance into our world & that he is healthy. It feels like a lot to ask when I know how truly blessed I am but I would do ANYTHING to ensure it happens.

With regards to symptoms it is all still more of the same… Although no more false labour & it appears that my body is being more gentle in its preparation. I’ve definitely dropped & am measuring 33 cm despite being 36 weeks. My stretchmarks have taken on a path of their own & certainly multiplied exponentially (LOL).

Here’s a photo of me today:


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