38 Weeks!!!

I’m trying so hard to get the software I need to convert my video files on this computer (Mike’s computer broke! AUGH!) so that I can upload my 37 week pregnancy update with the nursery and baby shower items… Hold tight.

In the meantime, I’m cheating and filling on of these popular Mummy-to-be quizzes out:

How far along?: 38 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: Exactly 10 kilograms (6.5 if you don’t take it from the second trimester because I lost weight at first)
How big is baby?: Not sure. My fundal height is measuring 35 weeks because he has engaged significantly.
Maternity clothes?: I only have a few maternity shirts that still cover my belly! I’m wearing dresses and my maternity bathers because of the heat!
Stretch marks?: TONNES! On my breasts, belly, hips, bum, everywhere! I love my body though, it’s all part of the process.
Sleep?: Soooo much better. I’ve been sleeping really well and only getting up twice a night. Amazing! I’m hoping this trend continues so I’m well rested for the labour/birth!
Best moment this week?: Feeling Cameron move after our scare. Hands down. But other mentionables include: putting up the tree & decorations, hanging his ornament & stocking, & sitting in the dark hugging Michael looking at our Christmas lights on the tree while Cammy kicked his Daddy’s hand. I’m going to cry again…
Movement?: He sure is running out of room but can still put on a serious show! It is so beautiful being able to make out an actual little foot or elbow when it pops out!
Food cravings?: Just food in general LOL
Labor signs?: BHs getting more painful, pelvic pain & pressure, period-like cramping every so often.
Belly button in or out?: Out for sure!
What I miss: Cuddling close to Michael.
What I’m looking forward to: Too much to adequately express but in one sentence: meeting my boy.
Milestone: I’m a week off the date I thought I would give birth aaaand SOMEONE…is in denial.
I’m so greatful to have made it this far & cannot believe he could be here at any time. It’s just a waiting game now…


I have loved & cherished every moment of having you grow inside my belly & transform my body… But I know it is not forever and I cannot wait for you to make your entrance into the world. It feels real now & I get moments where it truly hits me how much my life is about to change and how monumental these moments in life are… we’re here bubby boy – in the last couple of weeks of this beautiful pregnancy.

I tried to do a video to you about this but sobbed the whole way through as I realised that you’ll never be this close to me, it’ll be harder to keep you safe soon & you’ll never be as tiny as you are now. In the next few weeks I’ll know your face, your mannerisms, your nature, your features & you’ll know us much better too… & although that is tremendous & perfect… I’m cherishing this time of the unknown.

I want to hold you so desperately. Your Daddy said “his poor cheeks will be red from all the kisses we’ll give him” and I think he may be right. We’re so ready for you. So so ready to be a family. I’m not forcing you out by any means sweet boy. You are welcome to stay cozy in there for another 3 weeks if you’d like! 🙂 But Daddy & I are just very excited to meet you & can’t wait to actually hold you in our arms!

Love, your Mumma ❤


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