10 Days Until My Due Date!!!

Yes, you read correctly. 10 days. & ‘they’ will only let me go over by another 10… so… no matter what – in the next 3 weeks – I will be cuddling my wriggly son!

I went back & read some of my first blog entries… & my God, it feels like yesterday… & yet, in the same breath, like a lifetime ago!

Whenever Mike or I call anyone now they freak out. It’s hilarious.

My bet all along has been the 17th (39 weeks)… with going into labour later in the day on the 16th. But… erm… today is the 14th – so that’s entirely too amazing to fathom.

I’m happy if Thursday passes with no baby arrival, & next Thursday (my due date) & even this year… But only if I think solely about the pregnancy. When I watch newborn videos or think of my Cameron Oliver on the outside… I get mighty impatient šŸ˜›

I was up all last night with pains & my cervix is doing crazy things (don’t ask me what… but it’s uncomfortable & painful). We went into the hospital after dinner yesterday because I realised that I’d had a headache for 5 days & they wanted to check my urine for protein & check my blood pressure (both fine :))

While I was hooked up to the monitor I got four Braxton Hicks tightenings within the 20 mins which I found impressive. I don’t even bother seeing how frequent they are usually because they’re just so part of my daily life now. It’s incredibly normal for me to touch my belly & it is rock hard or for me to get painful BH.

The midwife was all optimistic & said to Mike “this looks promising – maybe he will come soon” which Mike promptly shut her down with an “I doubt it”.

It’s so gorgeous. Mike is too cute. He said to me last night before bed “don’t take this the wrong way but I’m fed up with you being pregnant… I’m over you getting pains & not knowing when we will get to meet him”

I hugged him & said “really really soon”. I can’t wait to see my hubby’s face…

Here I am today… just for kicks šŸ˜›


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