39 Weeks & 2 Days

Standing in my light dressing gown outside our home in the evening, cuddling Michael while he waters the lawn.

Watching my belly jump with hiccups as I lay beside the Christmas tree watching a DVD with my beautiful husband.

Eating entirely too many Zooper Doopers in the past few days.

Making Michael laugh by dancing while he makes us dinner.

Realising how I have to poke out my butt if I aim on hugging someone.

Waking up surrounded by my man, my two gorgeous cats & a cuter-than-cute wriggle pie in my belly.

Realising I’m one of THOSE pregnant women… The one’s who look like they’re about to pop. ME. I’m not far off meeting my boy.

These are the moments that I’m going to look back on and smile. I’ll have newer, even more amazing memories as well but life is good. Really good.

My Cameron Oliver could be born anytime now… as early as today or on the 3rd of January. & honestly, I don’t mind when. I’m so blessed that he chose me to be his Mumma & he’ll choose his birthday (unless I have to be induced… which will be the 3rd of Jan as far as I’m aware)

[Just as a side note: When you have waited 3 weeks to miscarry your first pregnancy whilst planning a wedding, honeymoon, getting a virus, dealing with the physicality as well as the grief & trying not to go insane by how others choose to view what you were going through… (& not only surviving that wait but coming out the other side a stronger, happier individual & couple). 15 days to wait for my strong, healthy, happy baby boy seems mighty easy… Seriously.]


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