Forty & A Half Weeks Pregnant

Now that Christmas is over my body has decided to start pre-labour in a big way. I get almost constant strong, painful Braxton Hicks contractions which at times have came in a regular pattern for a few hours & made us think “this is it!”

It’s both fun & exhausting.

I’m doing a lot better than I was in the few days leading up to my due date where I started getting really difficult-to-cope-with shooting pains through my pelvis when Cameron moved a certain way. It would take my breath away and often had me in tears as I imagined getting these unpredictable pains for another fortnight. It made everything more difficult – driving (bit dangerous!), sitting, sleeping, etc.

I’m getting contractions now & it’s so hard to concentrate. It’s odd but I really welcome the pains (even if they’re not the real deal) as they’re a sign that my body knows what it is doing & is getting prepared for the ultimate finale (a crying, wriggly, cutie pie!)

I’m finding that each day that I’m still pregnant I achieve, do or learn something that would have otherwise been impossible if I had have gave birth the day before. I certainly am far more prepared now for Cameron than I was at 37, 38 or 39 weeks. It is as though this extra time is very necessary to help me (and Michael) adjust to this monumental change that is about to occur.

Overall I feel great at the moment & just feel so fortunate to be in the position I am in. I have been going about each day as normal & find that everyone around me are the one’s who are impatient & fed up (LOL)

Having Mike home is probably the biggest contributing factor to how well I’m coping with everything. Having my Grandparents here is amazing as well although I feel the need to have Cameron ASAP so that they get the most time possible with him before they return to NZ on the 9th of January.

It’s really difficult to explain this stage of pregnancy. It really is a surreal limbo-like land between the familiar & the all-to-beyond comprehension. There are so many indescribable emotions & a LOT of physical demands.

My body is in a constant state of aching & oddness. My belly is almost always hard with BH, a more painful contraction or the before/after affects of one of those phenomena. It’s amazing.

It’s like my body is in this altered state of trying to manage whilst preparing for something it doesn’t understand. It’s hard to describe.

All I know is that I am beginning to get anxious. I’m 0% dilated, hardly effaced & have a posterior cervix (when they last checked)& I’m not fond of the idea of being induced… but I fear going ‘too overdue’ as well. I don’t fear the pain… but I fear anything happening to my son & I don’t like having constant contractions where it’s hard for me to feel him.

It’s all just amazing… The pre-labour contractions I’m having at the moment are 6 mins apart… but they’ll no doubt stop like last night. It’s really just so beyond my control & you can only feel awe when you truly start to think about it.

So I’m off… to rest… & hopefully for established labour to begin sooner rather than later. I can feel my boy (very cramped!) wriggling a bit in my belly & I get tears in my eyes when I think about meeting him. I try not to think too far ahead as I get overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of what I’m experiencing and about to experience & tend to just sob happy tears.

If you’re the praying type, your prayers would be very much appreciated for the safe birth of my beautiful son, Cameron Oliver. & I’ll be updating ASAP 🙂

Sorry if this post is all over the place… that’s where I’m at!

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