Week One Update

I had a rough first week with anxiety attacks but did seek help & am doing really well now. Cammy is doing brilliantly & I’m so lucky to have my amazing husband. I’ve finally got some decent sleep & normality & am loving every moment 🙂 What a learning curve. I expected a difficult baby, not any issues with me!

I’m now on anti-anxiety tablets and Cameron is formula fed. It hasn’t hurt me as much as I expected it to because I know it is for the best in the long run. I just think I was formula fed & I turned out pretty great!

He’s taken to bottle feeding and formula really well. He’s needs burping more often but he’s gaining weight well & sleeping all the time. I’m very lucky. Life is much easier with a bit of sleep! lol

Cameron is sooo adorable & a content bubby. He tends to fuss when he needs a burp or has wind but that’s about it. He has the cutest cry ever – it’s more of a squeak.

I am really hoping to type up his birth story asap as I know I’m forgetting some of it already so hopefully I’ll do that soon!

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One thought on “Week One Update

  1. I saw a post of your on another blog about issues with breastfeeding. You can always pump now and resume breastfeeding later. We're all here to support you!

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