To Do List

– Have a picnic complete with cuddles and bubbles at the park with Mike and Cam
– Carve our initials into the trunk of a huge tree in one of our favourite spots
– Do some cartwheels
– Take a photo a day
– Make some puppets for Cameron
– Make a My-Little-Family photo collage for each of my parents
– Make a herb pot
– Start a photo album of Cammy’s life thus far
– Lay down and look at the clouds with Mike and Cam
– Lay down and look at the stars with Mike and Cam
– To Be Continued…

Things that have made me smile wide today:

– The dimples in Cammy’s knuckles
– Dressing Cammy up in his much-too-big knitted jumper that his Great-Grandma made for him
– Cameron waking up with flushed cheeks and rubbing his eyes
– Cam smiling and looking from me to the book and back to me as I read him the book “Anything For You”
– Cameron promptly doing a loud wet fart as I am typing this out
– A huge sweet cup of decaf tea with a (warmed) potato, egg and bacon salad
– (Failing at) making some oat/coconut/nutmeg/cinammon cookies – the dough was yummy
– Getting distracted making cookies because Cam kept sucking his fist in an attempt to self-soothe in the wrap sling
– Baby Breath Therapy (breathing Cammy’s air as he sleeps <3)


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