Welcome to my new blog! This blog is going to have daily themes whereby I can share my lovely life with you.

Magic Mondays:
Where I share the magic moments of being a SAHM/wife/woman.

Trying Tuesdays:
Where I share the trying moments of being a SAHM/wife/woman

Wordless Wednesdays:
Where I share a photo collage of a my week.

Tell All Thursdays:
Where I share what I’m up to with my hobbies.

Fun Fridays:
Where I share the fun moments with my family and friends.

If you do not know much about me or my past feel free to view my previous blogs or my Youtube channel!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Your daily themes are a fantastic idea! I may have to borrow it lol! I have been following your YT vlogs since the beginning. I find myself in a similar emotional state and think of you often. You are truly an inspiration with the strenghth to believe in yourself and your family. I am sure you help many more women than you realize. 2 thumbs up !!

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