Cameron does this most gorgeous thing when he wakes up. He looks utterly confused, closely followed by dramatically stretching his arms up, arching his back, poking his bum out and doing what I call ‘squishy lips’.

If I catch him doing this I usually kiss those squishy lips and snuggle him until he relaxes his whole body again and either goes back to sleep or grins at me and is ready for some fun time.

This morning he woke up and did his stretching routine and I pressed my lips to his squishy lips, smiled at him, snuggled him close and gave him boobah.

He suckled greedily with eyes closed and rosy cheeks. Afterwards he opened his eyes and I kissed his nose until he fell asleep again and I kissed his eyelids… then I came to write this blog so fittingly about sleep.

Cameron now has a bedtime routine. Throughout the day it is more relaxed… when he has sleep signs I change him, give him a feed and either put him in his bed or the cradle swing. He has a favourite teddy that his Aunty brought him when he was born that is named ‘Mr Snuggles’. He cuddles Mr Snuggles and sucks on his ears – it’ll forever be cute.

At night time he gets a bath with either Mike or I, complete with songs then a baby massage, a story, another song followed by a feed to sleep. He very rarely fights sleep at night time.

Night-time boobah is my favourite. We co-sleep (which I never thought I would do) which means that Cameron stirs and I position myself near him and he attaches himself (he’s a pro). It’s one of the sweetest things to hear his piglet-grunt followed by furious suckling followed closely by contented gulps.

Sleep doesn’t come easily to me. I’m not a heavy sleeper and I’m not all that fond of sleep (I’ve got more fond of it now that I get less though!). I used to say that I wished humans never slept so we could do twice as much.

But now I love sleep time. It means whispered conversations and I love yous, quiet reflection, breathing filling the room and rest. & like it has since I’ve shared my bed with Mike… it means laced fingers; at least until we fall asleep. I hope we always fall asleep holding hands.

Speaking of sleep… it’s now 10 PM (I got caught up with Cameron and shopping and getting our new leather lounge) and I am off to snuggle my boys.


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