Reading! Oh How I Missed Thee!

So I’m reading the 9th Judgement (by James Patterson – 9th book in the Women’s Murder Club Series) – first book since Cameron was born.

I’m half way through because I lay down with Cameron – which means guaranteed longer sleep for him – and read while he slept. I ignored the washing to be done and kitchen that needed cleaning and thumbed my way through yet another thriller.

Reading is soooo familiar and brilliant. It draws me in in an instant and before I know it I’m consumed.

Michael brought this book for me when he saw me stop, wide-eyed when I saw that it had been released.

I love snuggling up to Cammy as he sleeps soundly while my mind is away in a land of murders, court cases and strong female characters.

Hmmm… that sounds more odd than it really is.

I always seem to find inappropriate times to read books. The last James Patterson book I read was when I was pregnant and nannying and it was about nannies who got kidnapped with the children they were caring for and killed while the children were held for ransom.

Now this book is about mothers and their babies being shot whilst shopping.

But! I love James Patterson. Easy to read, short chapters, consistently great story lines and characters.

I do, however, wonder how he spits out these books so quickly.

Anyway, it’s 8 PM and Cameron is sound asleep so I’m off to finish this book…


2 thoughts on “Reading! Oh How I Missed Thee!

  1. I love james petterson I have not read one of his books in ages. I read all those along came a spider one and loved it. I wanted to say the other day when I read your post about driving, that it must be some extra little thing people who have anxiety get. I swear I hate driving I would love to not have to but with three kids I must. The thing for me is I always picture bad things happening. The other day I pulled out and didnt see a car to my right he missed me thank god as all the boys were in the back, But I played over and over in my head all the bad things that could have happened. Ill do that even if nothing has happened but there was the potential for something to happen if I wasn’t careful etc. I think people who suffer anxiety always think of the worst case scenario. I have hated driving my whole life and although a lot better now I would never drive really far and hate driving somewhere I haven’t been. I would love to know what your daily routine is. How often you feed him ect. Love the new blog

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