That Moment

Today, so fittingly for Trying Tuesdays, is one of those days.

The days where you scream things like “I give up!” in your head and whisper “What more do you want!” angrily at an almost 4 month old like he knows and can communicate it to you.

Today, I cried as I begged him to – Stop. Crying. Please.

He slept 40 mins in 7 hours and nothing – and I mean nothing – would help.

It started off innocently enough. He wouldn’t sleep all that well for his morning sleep. He woke up after a mere 40 mins and no amount of cuddles, stroking of his hair or boobah would help him get back to sleep.

Then ensued hours and hours of whinging and I-want-nothing-more-than-you-holding-me-and-walking… which just can’t happen when you have a headache, are out of milk, haven’t dressed or ate and your anxiety is through the roof.

We tried smiles, songs, books, boobah, bath time,

Please tell me that is not him crying now…

It was.

25 mins he lasted.

Blah. There’s your blog peeps. & the photos can wait.

I don’t need any advice either. Boo!


Thankfully there are those other moments. Like when I hear the roller door of the garage and know Mike is home. He instantly changes the energy in the house and I get to mutter those magic words: “your turn”.

Cameron grins at his Dadda through his persistent whinges and Michael breathes positive life back into the situation. There’s cuddles and gummy grins and I feel the tension rolling off my shoulders.

Michael runs Cammy and I a bath and I get to witness his messy wet eye lashes and smirks while he froggy kicks. I step into the shower and Mike gives Cam his baby massage, makes me a cup of hot cocoa while cradling Cam to sleep.

Yes, I’m very very VERY blessed. Don’t worry. I know.

So now my two Blue Eyed Boys are snuggled up together while I read my favourite blogs and check my mail.

Even the worst of days have beauty. Even the worst of days end with a smile.


2 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. Oh so well do I know the feeling! I too have a baby that refuses to sleep when she doesn’t feel well. Long nights make for stressful days. I enjoy your honesty you blog always reminds me of myself! LOL I know that sounds funny but if you are ever interested I have a blog about being a stay at home mommy too! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! and good for you for telling people to back off about advise!!!!! so good!

  2. So sorry your having one of those days.It is nice to know though that im not alone with “those days” and i had to chuckle at the “your turn” part lol cause i do that too.

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