Random Post

Is it bad to have a favourite cry?

My favourite Cammy cry has no tears. It starts with a brief warning. A little screwed up face with a sticky-outy bottom lip… Closely followed by an I’m-still-a-newborn “waah waah waah” that is not loud and is dripping with cuteness.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to get scooped up, cuddled, kossed (yes, kossed, not kissed) and loved on.

It never gets old.

Oh, my sooky boy.

I have had three people say “he looks like an Anne Geddes baby”. It is nice to know that other people see the beauty.

It is like I dreamed him into being. His big blue eyes, his cupid bow lips, his velvety skin and his sensitive yet cheeky personality.

Now if I have my brown eyed, piggy tailed, silly girl – watch out.

I would be perfectly content with just my Cammy but lately I’ve dreamt of little sisters and brothers… just sayin’.


One thought on “Random Post

  1. So sweet, and so glad to hear I’m not alone in dreaming about little brothers and sisters for my 4 month old!
    Thought I’d be done with being pregnant for awhile, and the first 2 months were not very fun. But somehow I feel, though I know I’m not physically and emotionally ready yet, like having another baby would be wonderful.
    Glad to know I’m not alone!

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