Productive Days

Ahhh, these are the days. The productive days.

Today my day has gone a little something like this:

7 AM – Wake up to Cammy snuffling at me, boobah, big grins followed by changing Cam while singing “this is the way we change our Cammy”. Time to make more wipes (I use cloth), round up all dishes/rubbish/washing, empty the dishwasher, fill it back up, boil the jug (all while wearing Cam and telling him about our day… and lots of yawns), put on washing and stare at the ever-growing-pile of clean clothes to put away.

7:30 AM – Have breakfast and a cuppa, check the net, read Cammy “Dear Zoo”, make a to-do-list while Cammy has tummy time and I play music.

9:30 AM – Snooze time. I snuggle up to Cam and give him boobah and end up falling asleep too! I read a book with a snuggly sleeping Cam-burger from 11 to 12 😛 I have to turn the pages reeeeaaaally quietly.

12 PM – Boobah, bum change, another book for Cam then I call my sister and talk to her while I eat lunch. Then Cammy goes in the bumbo while I shower & finally shave my legs after a couple of weeks neglect. Eyebrows are plucked and hair is straightened. I clip Cammy’s nails and give him a quick bath. Then I clip my toe nails and paint them bright pink just for fun.

2 PM – Off to the shops after fumbling around chanting “bra, wallet, son” creating a list of things to remember as the car cools down with the air con on full blast. I realise the car is empty so it’s off to the petrol station first. I juggle wallet, keys and Cammy in to pay and stare longingly at the v drinks.

2:30 PM – I wear Cameron and we get D batteries for his cradle swing so that it doesn’t sound demonic when the music is on, teething supplies (rings to chill, sm33 gel, nurofen – all on special… feeling swish), washing powder and I buy Avatar DVD for Mike (and secretly me… one of my fav movies)

3 PM – Cameron falls asleep in the car… I drive around our suburb aimlessly for half an hour.

3:30 PM – I juggle bags, nappy bag and Cameron inside and he wakes up. I replace batteries in the swing and he gets some more sleep while I tidy up, clean the kitchen including cupboards, put all teething supplies in the fridge, note the empty fridge and remember that I forgot cat food. Then I sweep the floors and sort the mail. Oh, and I swap the hand soaps in the ensuite and main bathroom because one isn’t working properly… and I fill them all up including the kitchen one. Exciting stuff.

4:30 PM – Mike comes home and I surprise him with the cleaner-than-normal home, a civilised looking wife, a smiley munchkin, Avatar (which is locked because I went through the stupid self-service aisle at Big W) and we have hot drinks and hug and chat. I change Cameron again.

6 PM – Cam goes down for another sleep after boobah while I’m facebooking and Mike gets Avatar unlocked and buys catfood and extra milk.

6:30 PM – Cameron wakes up crying… so I better go!

& that’s our day thus far. In a nut shell.

P.S. I have all of my new posts categorized now (i.e. Tell-All Thursdays)


One thought on “Productive Days

  1. That sounds a lot like our days. And no matter what, we always forget something at the store. What a wonderful life…

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