Cammy – Update!

I really haven’t updated about Cameron specifically… so here I go. It’s just going to be in point form!

Cameron is now 18.5 weeks (4 months) old and:

– Loves rolling from his back to his belly
– Won’t take a dummy or bottle
– Is 66 cm long and 6.4 kilograms
– Did great at his 4 month immunisations
– Is wearing 000 clothing except for his feetie-pajamas which are 00 because of his length
– Is a fully modern cloth nappy (I use Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls BTW – amazing) and cloth wipes bub
– Is exclusively breastfed
– Loves books and his flower toy
– Giggles occassionally… mainly when you kiss his neck and nom nom nom his chest
– Shares our bed but will sleep in his cradle swing, in a wrap sling and in the car (occassionally)
– Has far too much clothing 
– Is a very sensitive boy – the tiniest of things can change his emotions instantly
– Has found his feet
– Smiles at EVERYONE… he’s so social and beautiful
– Loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Loves bathtime
– Is starting swimming lessons in a couple of days
– Has got better with the car
– Does not stop moving
– Always gets the hiccups still
– Raises his eyebrows like his Mumma
– Is a huge fan of tummy time
– Still has a newborn-esque cry
– Is balding 😛
– Has nails that grow pratically overnight
– Puts everything in his mouth
– Is not a fan of the pram
– Is beginning to recognise how things relate (i.e. smiles when he sees us get the wrap sling because he knows it means “I won!”)
– Is always drooling
– Already has lots of little ‘friends’
– Does not generally sleep well throughout the day
– Sleeps great at night with only a few wake-ups purely for a feed
– Is doing brilliantly… he’s such a delightful, clever cutie patootie.


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