Swimming Lessons & Playdates

I postponed Magic Monday to Tuesday because we had Cammy’s first swimming lesson today.

It was so gorgeous! He looked so sweet in his little swimmers and was so laid back and excited. We all sang songs and practiced survival techniques and water awareness.

It was so much fun!

I found the water scary and didn’t learn to swim until I was seven so I see early water fun as paramount. Especially here in Australia where so many people have pools and the beach is such a way of life.

I went with a couple of new Mum-friends who have bubs who are around Cammy’s age and it was so gorgeous to see them interact. We went for lunch and rented a movie afterward and it was lovely.

I love watching Cameron grow and learn. He is always surprising me with new little things and he is just such a beautiful person. I love that he is mine and I have years more of growing with him and learning more about him while I teach him the ways of the world and keep him safe.

I can’t wait til our next swimming lesson! We are hopefully going just for a play with Mike on the weekend so I’ll try get some photos!

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One thought on “Swimming Lessons & Playdates

  1. I love what you’re doing! I was a swim instructor for 8 years here and swimming is so important for motor skills development and everything! Have fun he’s so gorgeous!!!

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