Splish Splash

We turned up to the pool yesterday afternoon in our swimmers. We were welcomed by the smell of chlorine and that familiar echoing environment. The pool is heated so we jumped right in and I watched as Mike got to witness his mini-me squealing with delight and splish-splashing.

It is these family moments that fuel my desire to have a four children family… To envision Mike and I each holding a hand of a child in both of our hands with children balancing bags and opening doors for us. Where we have traditions and a rich chaotic life.

That’s what I want.

But right now. This. This is magic too.

This is the first chapters of that utterly brilliant book that grip you and make you sit down and read the book all night  – only stopping for toilet breaks.

This is the first bite into your favourite home cooked meal after a hectic day. That promise of more deliciousness.

This is that first flirty smile from your crush from across the room at high school… Where your heart beat a little faster, your cheeks flushed and you thought maybe… just maybe this is the start of something spectacular.

I love reflecting and realising that this is just the beginning. I love realising that I’m 22. Yes, twenty-two. And although the future is unknown; it is nice to dream…

My old primary school report cards always had great grades (minus physical education – ha!) but a few of them said in the ‘further notes’ section: Rachel has a tendency to day-dream.

And I’ve never changed.

I now am better at immersing myself in The Now… but I’ll always have that tendency.

People say that children grow up too fast… but I truly believe that they don’t. It is all a matter of really living in The Now and not getting too caught up. Take a mental step back every once and a while and enjoy those simple pleasures. It sounds cliche but honestly… life is too much about wanting everything fast and easy these days & so many miss the life in life.


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One thought on “Splish Splash

  1. What a lovely post, such wonderfully wise and true words. I am guilty of always reaching out for the next thing and the next and the next…your words remind me to stop and look around at what I already have and to realise it really aint half bad at all : )

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