My Sister

I have one sibling – a younger sister. & she is awesome. We have the greatest friendship. Unfortunately she’s living in central QLD at the moment with her fiance and two children (Jayka 2 years and Jolee 10 months) but we talk everyday.

I’ll pick up the phone and hear “Hi, this is Karen from The Friendless Association. Just checking to see how you are doing with no friends” in this mocking voice and I’ll reply “You haven’t found any friends for me Karen?” and she’ll say something insulting and then we’ll carry on a conversation like that intro didn’t happen.  Or we’ll do out-of-character things like I’ll call her and say “Yo yo yo mofo!” and she’ll say “what’s up G-wizard!?” and then the conversation ensues.

I’m guaranteed to laugh while talking to her and spending time with her. I miss her terribly. Today she got a package from me with presents for the kids (Diego and Toy Story 3 books for Jayka and hoodies for Jolee for winter) and she’s coming down to see us soon – I can’t wait!

We are the kind of sisters that have too many inside jokes to keep up on and can laugh just by making a noise that will remind us of something… We are very different people (chalk and cheese) but have a beautiful bond.

I hope my children have sibling bonds like us. We can talk about anything and everything and spend days together without getting sick of eachother.

My sister was my saviour during pregnancy and throughout my battle with postnatal depression and anxiety. She’s so laid back and helped me to cope with my fears and feel normal again. I never expected that she would be the person to teach me so much.

She had me in fits of laughter one day because I was telling her some of the things that I was feeling as a new Mum (after birth, physically) and she said “that’s normal” and I said to her “it wouldn’t matter what I said, you would say that it is normal so I do not stress” and she imitated us:

Rachel: “Sometimes when Cammy breastfeeds I turn into a goat and hump things”
Vick: “That’s perfectly normal. Happened to me all the time”

She is the kind of person who brings out that laughter that takes over your body and makes you get tears in your eyes. She’s so funny and clever. She has the most wicked sense of humour.

We both have vivid imaginations (we used to play imaginative games even when I was first in High School… the silliest games like “chimpmunks in the pool” for hours) so our humour is so similar.

When Cam was a freshy she used to sing this to Cam like Will Farrell.

Anyway, I could go on forever. I’m off to call my sister 🙂


One thought on “My Sister

  1. Sisterly love is so precious ❤ I have seen the two of you together and it is just gorgeous. I have a very similar bond with my twin sister ❤ You and Vik are probably like my sis and I and simply CANNOT be beaten in Pictionary because you have such a shared past! heheheh

    That clip is hilarious…and so are the things you and your sis come out with!!! 😛

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