Cammy Update

Cameron is growing up. Eep!

I cried when I put away his 0000 but now he cannot fit a lot of his 000 clothing and I think I’m in denial. He turned 5 months old on Monday… 5 months? Where did my teeny tiny baby go?

Now he can sit up with assistance, roll and roll, giggle, help Mumma turn the pages of his favourite books, reach out and pick up his favourite toy, cough to get attention, hold his little feeties, have likes and dislikes, and close his eyes when we count “1, 2, 3…” before putting his face under the water at swimming lessons.

He’s very social and loves other children (although, he’s more fond of attempting to pull their ears at this point rather than civilised interaction). He’s less fond of being cuddled into a sling wrap when not sleepy and would rather be able to look around and smile at anything that will smile back. He loves the water – bathtime and swimming. He is very relaxed in those situations.

He’s still unhappy in the car seat half of all trips and his sleep patterns throughout the day still baffle me (sometimes there is a pattern… sometimes there isn’t) and he’s still demand breastfed.

Now that there is only a month til his Half Birthday I’ve been browsing every shop for rainbow-themed bits and pieces. I can’t wait!

I now have a video camera so stay tuned for Mummy Journals!


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