Cammy Files

So how is Cameron going?

Well he’s loving our new dog Phoebe. He loves to reach out and pat her and watches her walk when we go to the dog park and he’s in the wrap sling. He tries to let her lick his hands but I don’t let them.

He’s started eating solids and is doing really well. Thus far he’s only had organic baby rice cereal fortified with iron. I make it with breastmilk and have gradually been giving him more and more. It started with a taste and now he’s having a few teaspoons. I’m doing a cook up and making pear, carrot, apple and sweetpotato batches to freeze. So that should be fun.

Cameron is starting to sit up better and is so interactive with toys and books. He’s into everything and we have to watch that he doesn’t take what we’re eating/drinking/etc. He’s too cute.

He is loving his swimming lessons. He now knows the drill and when we count to dunk him under he closes his eyes. He’s great at monkeying his hands along the side bar of the pool and at back floating. He understands the need to move his arms to move through the water but does nothing with his legs yet.

He loved having his cousins down.

Cam is so cute at playdates. He has little bubba friends and interacts really well. It’s amazing to see their little personalities already blossoming and emerging. He’s such a happy little boy.

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