Weekend Wonders

This weekend has been lovely. My sister is back down and we have had a fun-filled time.

There’s been:

– Blue skies
– Hand holding with my nephew
– Saving Cam from my gorgeous (but rough) niece
– Bathtimes with cousins
– Puree making for Cam
– Sunday markets with friends
– Op shop bargains
– Afternoon tea at a resturant with Mike while Cam slept
– Coffee and tea with my Dad (including the unveiling of his motorbike!)
– Lunch with Mum and Vicki
– Running around the dog park (and saving Phoebe from being humped! LOL)

It was one of those weekends that feels longer than your average where-did-that-go weekend… where you get lots done and you spend real quality time with those you care about.

The house may be messy and I may have long toe nails, chipped finger nails and somewhat of a monobrow but I’m happy.

Tomorrow morning Cam and I are taking Phoebe for a big long walk with a friend and we will probably spend more time with Vicki. Cam’s going to have his first taste of sweet potato too 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll do a blog post with some pictures and update you all on how Cam is going (great!)


Let me know what you think!

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