Emotionally Drained

This week has been emotionally draining. Both positively and negatively. I’m going to focus on the positives today because even after the worst of mornings life always throws me some of it’s gorgeousness to gobble up and fuel my happy meter.

Each moment feeding me… restoring me. A laugh with my sister. Teaching my nephew to say “douchebag” (usually I’m a good Aunty, I promise). Shopping with my great friend. Buying creme brulee tea from T2 (latest obsession). Watching Cameron’s eyelids get heavy in the car on the way home. A late cuppa and catch up with Mummy friends.

Oh… and have I told you that Cammy is well on his way to sitting up on his own! It’s so adorable! He looks too little to be doing it but has the best posture. He can sit for quite a while but hasn’t quite got the idea of balance when reaching things.

Cam really wants anything and everything that we have… my keys, wallet, food, phone, etc. He’s forever reaching and contorting his body to be able to grab what we are holding and promptly examine it with his mouth. Consequently we have to keep an eye on what he’s doing.

I have a slight obsession with wooden toys at the moment so Cam has scored himself a set of wooden cars from the op shop, a wooden train, some blocks, and a set of stacking rings. The cars are his favourite.

He still isn’t all that keen on food. He eats it… sure… but I feel like I’m force feeding him at times and he’s much more intent on feeding himself.

Cameron’s Half Birthday is nearing and I’m getting excited for his picnic in the park! I will be so busy the day beforehand getting things just right but it will be worth it!

Please vote 🙂 My bribery seems to be working 😛
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