My Clever Sweety & Sweet Moments

Where has my tiny baby gone? He’s officially half a year old! In a relatively short period of time Cam has managed to sprout two teeth (both bottom front), start sitting up unassisted, gets up on his knees and rocks and scoots backwards. I’m starting to realise how other mothers say it all goes too fast!

He’s gone off solids sometimes now that his teeth are cutting through so lunchtimes aren’t too fun. He’s really starting to get the hang of playing though and really likes the new blocks I bought him.

He loves peekaboo, dancing around with me to Glee, when we hold his feet and hands and balance him in the air and say “I’m a little genie, I’m a little genie” (and the altered version “I’m a little naked genie”). He’s a big fan of my singing (don’t ask me!), of holding onto the edge of the bathtub as I wash him (in with him) and playing with his bath toys (including this turtle that I had as a little girl)

Oh, and did I mention that he can drive?

When I was out with some mummy friends recently we witnessed the sweetest moment. An older man came up to our table and said (something to the effect of) “This *gesturing to us and our babies* is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen in a long time” and proceeded to tell us about his beautiful wife of whom he shares 5 children and is about to share his 50th wedding anniversary. He then sat down and shared food with her and wished us happiness.

I got teary because it reminds me of my Grandparents who I do not see enough (they’re in New Zealand). It was just one of those geniunely sweet moments that we do not encounter enough (although, I suppose, if we did – they wouldn’t be quite so sweet???).

I’m hoping to join a semi-local Montessori playgroup and have started going to a library baby rhyme time (although I may swap locations… we shall see). I’m also hoping to contact the Aust. Breastfeeding Assoc. (ABA) and share my relactation story in the hope to help other women out there and maybe create awareness for something that I didn’t know about prior to motherhood.

Cameron’s rainbow themed Half Birthday picnic in the park is on this weekend so be prepared for a post about that!

I’ve also almost hit my mini-goal for top baby blog so thank you ❤ Keep voting and I’ll keep trying to inspire!

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