Biting, Boobah & Breakthroughs

Breastfeeding at 6 months. This is my first mini-goal and I’ve made it! There was a point where I didn’t think I would get here (not to mention the few weeks where I didn’t think it was even an option – prior to relactating).

I think I’ve only just reached the stage where I feel comfortable breastfeeding wherever I need to… which coincides with Cam now occassionally biting and getting distracted which can mean I’m sitting in a public place with my boob out. Nice.

In saying that though I really enjoy breastfeeding. I’m lucky though to have never experienced painful breastfeeding (aside from how difficult it was in so many ways relactating and now the biting) and haven’t had to contend with supply issues or breast refusal since Cam was 2 months old.

I was really hesitant to begin solid foods… I think because I viewed it as the beginning of the end of our breastfeeding relationship (if that makes sense)… but now I embrace it as a necessary change and love making new foods up for him and watching his little face screw up and look at me like “what on EARTH?!”

By the way, Cam had his 6 month vaccinations and check up which went relatively well. He didn’t cry too much and had no reactions to the vaccinations. He is around 67 cm long and 7.2 kgs which is just him – my skinny mini.

I don’t know how long I will breastfeed for but I’m really proud to be at the stage we are at. Hopefully it continues this way and he stops this whole biting thing!


2 thoughts on “Biting, Boobah & Breakthroughs

  1. Aww that is so adorable! I hope I am able to make it to the 6 month mark with breastfeeding. My little girl Violet will be two months old in four days so….Two months down and four to go!

  2. Great work! I remember when I got to the 6 week mark when I was BFing Lacey and i wondered how on earth my friend made it to 6 months but I am glad I stuck with it and BF her till 14 months and now am BFing little Felicity who’s now 6 weeks. Breastfeeding rocks and I am so glad you were able to relactate and have made it to your mini goal. Good on you.
    P.S I have the problem of Flick pulling off the boob in public and my milk is squirting everywhere!! Ha ha ha

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