Commando Crawling!!

The cutest of all the tiny babies is commando crawling! & pushing with his feet! & rocking to and fro! Oh my goodness!!

Photographic evidence of the undeniable adorable-ness:

Oooh and did you check that?! Yes, two toothy pegs!!!!

Also, I’ve found THE best baby rhyme time at a somewhat-local library and I’m hoping to buy some baby sign language materials (I have a book but it is American) and become more stringent with it all.

Tomorrow we’re off to a park for some outdoor fun. We’re going to find a shady spot, put on his hat and baby sunscreen and we’re going to read and blow bubbles. I promise I’ll share some photos!

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2 thoughts on “Commando Crawling!!

  1. Hey just read your post about baby signs. I’m expecting so we just bought Australian baby hands. It seem pretty good and it uses real Auslan so any signs they remeber later in life are good to use with deaf people. I’ve seen other Aussie sign stuff but it’s modified Auslan.

    I also found this site awhile back that shows you the signs for words you seach for. Just type in a word and you’ll find it’s sign and a video showing how to do it not just a diagram. it may help with translating your rhyme 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wealth of information you have to share. I find it interesting how little things seem to change over the years raising kids, it always seems to be a different era yet all the basic concepts seem to stay the same. I have two children myself and I was one who didn’t want children fromn the start but I wouldn’t ever want to not know them now that I do. Once again thanks for the good read.

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