If slaughterhouses had glass walls…

… everyone would be a vegetarian (says Paul McCartney)

It’s posts like this and this (the lovely JD – one of my blog following obsessions who can put into words what I can’t regarding vegetarianism/veganism) and sites like this that remind me why I have always wanted to make the vegetarian transition (and furthermore vegan)… but I’ve always made excuses and it’s so damn easy to be ignorant – the majority of the population is… (like JD, again, speaks about in this post).

I have always been a meat eater and even have paid out on vegetarians (eep! sorry!) but all to disguise the fact that if I allow myself to truly think about where my food comes from it doesn’t sit right with me.

I have recently had an interest in ethical consumerism although it is a very tricky thing. But with more and more research into vegetarianism, in particular, I’ve found reasons to become vegetarian that I hadn’t really considered. It took my friend (Cam’s Aunty Sil Sil and the coolest person I know) making the transition for me to really step back and think why not? rather than why.

One reason, which is very valid to me, that the transition appeals to me is purely an awareness for food. I eat without thinking and I’m very rarely involved in the food-preparing process. I want to be healthy and conscious… which I’ve never been… and I want to do it so that someday I can teach my children by example.

My ultimate goal would be to grow most of my own veges and fruit and not consume anything with animal products in it. There’s so many questions still for me to consider and this is the start of a process but hey! Here I go…


4 thoughts on “If slaughterhouses had glass walls…

  1. Ok so I was a vegetarian for ten years and then stopped. I have been on a path to eat healthy for a long time then I found a vlog on youtube.

    Its a young married couple who are Raw vegan foodist. They dont eat anything cooked. I like salmon to much to be a vegetarian but could do away with the rest no problems.

    Please check them out there amazing, I could never be Raw but I have learned so much about food from them, there very into Green juices. Its a great way to get heaps of greens in. I started doing them and there great.

    They open your eyes to so many diff foods that I never heard of. They do recipes etc. The show is called ‘The Raw food world tv show’. And there names are Matt monarch and Angela stokes. Angela was 300lbs and now shes slim. They upload most days a new vid but go back and check out some old ones to get to know them. They will inspire you I promise.

    They got me onto Raw chocolate which is so much better for you and lots lots more. They have a web page and sell Raw foods all over the world.

    I just love them and once you follow them and watch there vids you realise there is a revolution going on in the Raw food world. If you want to go vegan you will find these guys amazing. THere all hippies and really into natural parenting as you will see in old vids. They dont have kids yet but they have some great vids on this,

    Anyway just had to share as knowledge is power and they guys are filled with it and happy to share.

    Good luck on your journey.xx

  2. You’ll be fine, Rach 🙂 It’s actually kind of cool how many amazing new foods you discover along the way- for example, I’d never even heard of chia seeds or thought about using flaxseeds (ground of whole)- both are great sources of omega-3’s. And I went through a green-smoothie-for-breakfast phase which was really fun (it’s now nutty muesli and berries).

    I’m always about for a chat or some recipes.

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