Operation Fatty Boomsticks

OK, so I’m being dramatic… but I stepped on the scales this afternoon to find that I had gained almost another 2 kilos… that’s a total of 5.5 kilos since I gave birth.

Yes, that’s right… AFTER birth. That’s almost a kilo a month. & that’s not even considering how much I gained after my miscarriage and how unfit I am.

So, instead of sulking and eating (although, I did polish off some pan-fried gnocchi with garlic, a vanilla slice and a caramel sundae today… shhh) I’ve decided to DO SOMETHING.

So Operation Fatty Boomsticks Sexy Mumma begins!

I’m hoping to start eating less processed foods and am leaning towards going vego because Cam’s Aunty Sil Sil (aka… my high school buddy who rocks my socks) is doing it… so it’s trendy. I kid, I kid, I’m not doing it because it’s trendy – I promise.

I’m sick of not liking how I feel. I’m not that keen on how I tend to huff and puff myself around. I feel awkward and big and when I see myself in photos it generally ends in rant to my sister about how humans are meant to have one chin.

So, watch this space. Hopefully by our wedding anniversary I can be back to my wedding weight – let’s see?


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