Cameron Updatermondo

Cam has started commando crawling around (pulling along with his arms and pushing with his feet but keeps belly on the floor) HEAPS more. I have to watch him at all times!

He has also started standing on his tippy toes while on all fours and he loves to push himself backwards from all fours and sit himself up (which means I have to watch what is on our coffee table/bookcases/etc) which is cute and exciting.

He’s going through a bit of seperation anxiety/clingyness and has begun to not like me leaving his sight. He has gone back to very rarely sleeping without my presence. He’s better in the car though now (has always HATED it) so there’s a plus! He reaches up to me and pulling the sulky face.

He’s getting much more interactive with toys now and seems to favour some of them and like trying to work things out. He’s getting more vocal and making more sounds. He’s giggling a lot more often and developing a little sense of humour (certain voices I make are toooo funny to him).

Cameron is almost 7 months old (at the end of this month) and I’m left feeling bewildered at how fast he’s growing now. I can feel his third tooth coming through (a big bump) and his hair (which is now blonde) is all filling through.

He’s always so smiley and loves when I read with him. He really enjoys the baby rhyme time classes that we go to and we like going swimming (photos to come!). He does incy wincy spider fingers, loves attempting to clap and waves randomly.

Hilariously, he’s found a new ‘friend’ which is the sensor in the corner of the ceiling of our room. It blinks red when it senses movement and he smiles at it and waits for it to blink off before moving and making it blink on again and the smiling and games ensue. Too cute!

He’s completely confident sitting up alone now and barely ever loses balance. He can look behind himself and hold objects in his hands while sitting. He loves getting items out of boxes – he could do that all day! LOL

His favourite nursery rhymes are If You’re Happy & You Know It, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and he LOVES The Grand Old Duke Of York.

Oh! & he hi 5’s now… which pretty much means he is the coolest baby EVER. Except that it involves me saying hi 5?, him putting his hand up and me hi 5ing him while he laughs.

He also particularly enjoys us clapping his feet and me saying (in an odd voice) “oh no, it’s up my nose!” (as he puts his finger up my nose while he’s breastfeeding.

Anyway… just random rambling of what my sweetheart is up to. Tomorrow we are making some homemade edible finger paint and letting Cam loose with a canvas. Stay tuned for pics!


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