I loved Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. One part particularly stuck out in my mind though. In this scene, the Mad Hatter says to Alice that she was “much muchier” on her first trip down the rabbit hole and how this time she seemed to have lost her “muchness.”

I love that word… “muchness”. & I guess it stood out to me because I can relate to that notion of losing some of that true essence of oneself as you “grow up”.

How many of us, as children, were afraid to grow up because we believed we would become some sort of boring adult version of ourselves? And how many of us did or are doing just that?

As a child I always wanted to grow-up. I felt as though I would most likely feel comfortable in the world of adults — and yet I don’t feel as though I ever fully did grow up, though technically most would consider me an adult.

I see my muchness a fading commodity and I’ve decided to reclaim it. 

I love humour and have a tendency to get girl crushes on celebrities. I love watching movies and always find myself deconstructing the media. I have always loved words and love finding other people with favourite words.

Why do we stop playing beyond childhood? I plan on climbing trees like I used to as a child. I want to have parties and do cartwheels. I want to dance around the yard with sparklers at night time and have hilarious text-message-convos with friends.

I want to read. Oh how I want to read more! I want to feed ducks and show Mike & Cam where I grew up.

I love being me as I am now and so many new experiences and beliefs now fill me up but I want to do what I want to do… instead of what I think I should do. & I think that incorporating the things I’ve always loved doing but have forgotten about. I have new muchness that I have developed along the way but think that childlike wonder is so… muchy.

What is your say? Did you used to be much muchier? Or are you much the same?

P.S. Photos to come of our trip to our local mini-zoo with Aunt Shmil Shmil


2 thoughts on “Muchness

  1. Reclaim your muchness!! :] There is such giddy joy when our childhood muchness makes a reappearance from time to time :]

    On our trip to Queenstown a few weeks ago Brad and I strolled along the path by Lake Wakitipu and there was a shoddily made swing hanging from a branch of a tree by the lake. I jumped on it (not knowing if it would even hold my weight!) and swung happily for a few moments. I felt a hint of my childhood muchness and it was exciting and liberating! I get the same sort of feeling if I roller skate or go bowling.

    One of the joys of having our own children is they revel when we share in their muchness :] They are in the midst of their own muchness and it is all they know, so for us to reclaim our own forgotten muchness and share it with them…it is a true gift they will never forget :]

    You speak of favourite words, and when I first read ‘muchness’ it made me think of one of my favourite words which is ‘muchly’. I am always saying “thank you muchly” :] I also love the word ‘scrumptious’ – it is so descriptive almost to the point of being an onomatopoeia :] Loves it!


  2. Wow this is such an interesting topic…I too feel like I have lost my muchness in recent years, for various reasons. I always wanted to grow up and move onto the next thing and the next thing…but now I feel so content, expecting our first baby and just enjoying being. When bubs gets here I hope I will learn to find more of my lost muchness and just have fun…all whilst being a totally responsible parent of course! ; ) xx

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